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Is it Possible to Remove  Problematic Rodents and Pests  Without The Use of Harsh Pesticides,  Poisons, or Traps?   YES!

Rodenator Systems are an Effective and Humane Way to Relieve You of Problematic Rodents.  See Instant Results While Preventing Re-Infestation.

Using a Controlled mixture Containing Mostly Oxygen, with a Small Amount Of Propane Ignites an Underground Shockwave, Destroying Burrows and Collapsing Tunnels.

Rodenator Systems are Designed to Euthanize Problematic Rodents, in an Effective and Humane Way. Delivering an Underground Shockwave to Simultaneously Collapse Tunnel Systems, and Burrows.

An Organic Rodent Control Method that Targets Burrowing Pests Without the Harsh Effects of Pesticides or Labor-Intensive Trapping.

While Rodents are Known to Carry Many Diseases, Ed Meyer, Created The Rodenator Systems With This in Mind.

Instantly Rid Your Land of Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Prairie Dogs , Moles, Voles, Rats, and Other Burrowing Rodents, While Keeping You, Your Family, Your Crops, and YOUR Land Safe From Potential Threats and Diseases .

Be Safe, Avoid Direct Contact With Any Rodent, They Do Bite!

Rodenator The #1 Pest Elimination System
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2447 West Hwy 52 Emmett, ID 83617  |  208.369.4030 (Direct)  |  800.750.4553 (Toll Free)

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