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PERC® is designed for use in gopher control, ground squirrel control, prairie dog control and similar rodent control applications, including Agriculture, Pest Control, Municipalities, School Districts, etc.

Carbon monoxide is one of the most potent yet safe poisons that kills burrowing rodents. Until now, there has been no inexpensive, efficient delivery system to control these pests.

PERC is an elegant solution!

  • An internal combustion engine is used to both generate carbon monoxide and pressurize it to 110 PSI.
  • Using multiple probes, burrows are easily detected and quickly filled with a lethal concentration of carbon monoxide before a rodent has a chance to react or escape.
  • While baits, traps, shooting, blowing up burrows, and conventional low-pressure auto exhaust delivery systems all work, nothing is as effective, efficient and inexpensive to use as the PERC system.
  • A single operator using the PERC system can treat moderately infested alfalfa fields at about 3.5 acres per hour!

We manufacture three series of PERC models.

  • The RC 620 has a 20hp Twin-V electric start Kohler motor, a V4 70cfm Champion Compressor, and is standard with tandem walking beam axles, 6 reels and hoses.
  • The RC 412 is a four-hose trailer mounted unit with a 14hp Kohler electric start gas motor and a 33cfm Champion compressor.
  • The RC 206 is a two-hose skid mounted unit with a 7hp gas motor and a 15cfm compressor.

PERC units can be configured with either 50′, 100′ or 300′ length hose reels and hoses to meet specific needs.  Units can be built on road trailers or as a skid unit with no wheels that can sit on a pick up.

Options for field RC units with turf tires:  The walking beam tandem axle accessory kit (HMGC2000) and guardrail (HMGC2010) will fit the RC 412 field units, the walking beam tandem axle accessory kit (HMGC2000) will fit the RC 206 field unit equipped with an accessory trailer (RC 206ES1AX).  These accessory parts can be used to retrofit an existing PERC field unit.

Orders for new RC Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controllers and inquiries are welcome.

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RC 620

RC 620

RC 412

RC 412


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